Boat Rental



Boat Rentals

Rent a Boat from Pier 1000

A boat rental gives you yet another way to enjoy time on the sparkling waters of beautiful Lake Michigan. We offer full day rentals at affordable rates.

Please allow us at least 3 days prior to your arrival to have your boat prepared and ready.

** Fuel not included in price. **

Maximum # of People Boat Type Monday-Saturday
10 26' Sea Ray Bowrider $575 $475
14 22' Bennington Pontoon $575 $475
14 22' Godfrey Pontoon $475 $375
6 19' Ebbtide $475 $375

26' Sea Ray Bowrider

22' Bennington Pontoon
115hp outboard

22' Godfrey Pontoon
40hp outboard

19' Ebbtide

Tube Rentals

Pier 1000 offers towable toys and tubes to make your day on the water even more fun!

Prices start at $35 for the day.

Reserve Your Boat Today

Fill out the form below and we will give you a call to confirm your rental!

Rentals are not confirmed until a 50% deposit is provided.

With boat rental comes responsibility and perhaps some questions. We urge you to review Michigan’s Boating Laws, which are available here.

Because boating safety is our priority, Pier 1000 Marina, in its sole discretion, may refuse to rent to persons it feels are not qualified to operate the craft safely. Pier 1000 Marina may terminate, without refund, the rental of the craft if in its sole judgment, the craft is operated unsafely or the renter violates any of the terms of the rental agreement or rental policies.

Frequently Asked Questions – Boat Rental

  1. How long is the rental?
    A full day rental is seven hours, from 9:00 to 4:00. Hours for Sundays and holidays are 10:30 to 3:00. All times are in EST. A late fee may be applied if your rental is not returned at the scheduled time.
  2. Can we use towable tubes?
    Yes! We have a variety of tubes available for rent. Skis, wakeboards, and tubes that we do not provide are prohibited for insurance reasons, however. You are welcome to bring any non-towable water toys.
  3. How old do I have to be to rent a boat?
    21 years of age or older, with the presentation of a valid driver’s license upon registration.
  4. Who is responsible for the boat?
    The watercraft will be assigned to the renter, and a rental agreement and orientation checklist must be completed before departing the launch site. The person providing the deposit must sign the rental agreement; any person not signatory to the rental agreement may not operate the watercraft. The operator must have prior experience on watercraft.
  5. Is there a reservation deposit?
    A 50% deposit is required before any watercraft will be reserved. This deposit will be credited to the rental fee at the time of registration. This deposit is only refundable 4 or more days prior to your rental date, due to the limited season and demand for the watercraft. In the event of inclement weather, your deposit may be refunded on the same day.
  6. What about damages to the boat?
    All rentals require a $1,000 damage deposit. All damage deposits must be made on a pre-authorized credit card or with a cash deposit at the time of rental. This deposit will be refunded 100% when the watercraft is returned undamaged except for normal wear and tear. A representative of Pier 1000 will inspect each watercraft prior to departure for prior damage. We strongly advise you to perform your own inspection as well. Please be thorough, as you will be responsible for any damage found upon return.
  7. What if a fine or fee is incurred during rental?
    Pier 1000 Marina is not responsible for any fines or fees incurred during rental. All required safety equipment is provided. No wake and drinking and driving laws must be observed. We recommend that persons operating the watercraft familiarize themselves with Michigan’s boating laws and responsibilities.
  8. Are there any prohibitions about what is taken on the boat?
    No illegal substances are allowed on the boats.
  9. How is fuel handled?
    All rentals will be launched with a full tank. At the time of return, you pay for only the amount of fuel used.
  10. How can I pay for the rental?
    Credit cards and cash only are accepted. Prices and/or our policies may change without notice.